Past Work on Food Republic


I’m a recipe developer for Food Republic, and these are links to my work there from before I started keeping this blog. Newer FR recipes are featured in their own posts.

Oaxacan Cheese Sticks

A Mexican take on classic mozzarella sticks with a crazy crispy tortilla crust.


Chili Verde con Carnitas

Despite what some self-proclaimed purists say, chili comes in many varieties; this is by far one of my favorites.


Ultimate Spicy Cheese Fries

Sometimes you should play with your food. Figuring out how to make cheese powder at home for these was definitely an example of me playing with my food.


Steak & Ale Casserole

Shepherd’s Pie meets Steak and Ale Pie in one glorious baking dish.


The Super Greenserole

This casserole is a fake-out; it let’s you pretend you’re serving your gf/bf/wife/husband/whatever something healthy and full if green vegetables, but really it’s just a shit-ton of cheese.


21st Century Tuna Casserole

A completely upgraded and adult version of tuna casserole that was even more delicious that I expected.


Spicy Sourdough Stuffing

Pickled spicy mirepoix makes this one of the most unassumingly delicious stuffings you’ve ever had.


Why Your Homemade Fried Mac And Cheese Sucks, And 5 Ways To Make It Great

Tip #6: friends don’t let friends fry drunk.

Chili Fresco Mexicano

Another version of chili that is by far one of the easiest and quickest versions to make (is also great without the chicken as a vegetarian option, and then it’s an insanely quick chili to make).


Gorgonzola Mushroom Mac & Cheese

The best side for your steak of all time. Seriously.


Brazilian Cheese Waffles w/ Steak and Horseradish-Mustard Chimichurri

Because cheese waffles needed to be a thing, and now they are.


Beer-Battered Scallion Fries – The New Onion Ring

A little change goes a long way here.


Spicy Italian Tomato Pie w/ Burrata

Kinda like a pizza, but most definitely not a pizza.


Cheddar Beer and Broccoli Pie (Plus Bacon!)

Broccoli is a very useful tool in justifying bacon and cheese in food.


Fried Chicken & Blueberry Pancake “Tacos”

Pancakes are the new tortillas.


Bacon & Scallop Empanadas

Another food destined to be served with a good beer. Don’t fight it, just accept it.


BBQ Pulled Pork Nachos

If I have leftover pulled pork, you can almost guarantee these are gonna get made.


Enchiladas Rojas w/ Barbacoa

An absolute classic.


Enchiladas Verdes Sauce

Cause sometimes you gotta switch things up a bit.


Easy Beer Beans

The last recipe for easy black beans you’ll ever need.


Breakfast Tostada

Just in case you have some leftover beans.


Iceberg Lettuce Slaw

Iceberg gets a bad rap sometimes, but this slaw is the best thing ever alongside spicy food.


Victory Dogs – A Hotdog Upgrade

Takes me right back to USC games the Coliseum in LA.


How to Make the Best Ground Beef Tacos

My most popular recipe on Food Republic; sometimes I’m still referred to as the “taco meat guy” amongst the staff.


How to Make Secret Sauce for Your Burger

My first published recipe.


**please check links for photo credits as not all are mine

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