The Curious Case of Milk Bar’s “Ballpark Bomb”

So if you read this blog on the regs (which you probably don’t; that’s ok, I forgive you), you’ll notice that the last couple things of mine published on Food Republic were brat-stuffed pretzel rolls and garlic bombs, two very ballpark-centric food items.

So good.
So good.
Pretzel roll gold
Pretzel roll gold
Very first pretzel roll test.
Very first pretzel roll test.

I developed these back in the beginning of March for Food republic for their baseball/ballpark themed test kitchen (check my Instagram if you want: @thedevourhour), so imagine my surprise when I found out that Milk Bar in NYC just came out with a “Ballpark Bomb,” which is a pretzel roll filled with hot dog, mustard, and cheese. Do you know what’s in my stuffed pretzel rolls? BRATWURST MUSTARD AND CHEESE. And then they called it a bomb. Why didn’t I call my pretzel rolls bombs? Cause the garlic bombs already had that moniker. Is someone at milk bar an avid reader of Food Republic (or maybe this site?), or is this a case of “great minds think alike?” I don’t know, that’s for you to decide. But seriously, what are the odds?

Milk Bar Ballpark Bomb vs. Bratwurst Stuffed Pretzel Rolls
Come. On.

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