Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwiches: New Variations

The last test kitchen I did for Food Republic involved making new spins on the Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich, and we did not hold back. I made a few that I never imagined someone would want to publish, but here they are, in all their glory. Step up your game on Friday, and make one of these bad boys.

The CheeseThanks

Like a cheesesteak, but made with turkey and a little bit of gravy, this poutine-like powerhouse of a sandwich is a cheesy beast.

How To Make A Thanksgiving Leftover Turkey Cheesesteak

MC540998 10.16.48 AM.jpg

Candied Yam/Sweet Potato Dessert Empanadas

Let me get straight to it here: these are amazing, and if you have any leftover yams/sweet potatoes, definitely make these. And if you don’t? Fuck it, go buy some more and make these anyway.

Leftover Makeover: Sweet Potato Dessert Empanadas


The Stuffing Burger

That’s right, I made a burger out of stuffing. Don’t worry there’s some turkey in there too, but the stuffing is the real star here.  And if you’re looking for a good vegetarian burger, just leave the turkey out of the stuffing patty.

Behold: The Leftover Thanksgiving Stuffing Burger


The Waffled Stuffing Croque Madame

I know, it’s a little tough to ingest all those words and imagine what they actually mean together. It’s basically leftover stuffing, turned into a waffle, and then topped with ham, cheese, and a fried egg. You will never look at a ham egg and cheese sandwich the same way ever again after one of these.

Thanksgiving Leftover Brunch: Waffled Croque Madame

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 8.39.45 AM

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