How To: Salt Crusted Steak

Sometimes, when I’ve got a fever, the only cure is more cow. No, not cowbell, I’m talking about STEAK. Now, to be honest, if you get a really awesome cut of steak it just needs some salt and pepper to be delicious. And we’re not really going to mess with that premise. But we are going to twist it a little bit. We’re going to do a little trick to give your steak an unbelievable crust after you cook it, and all you need is a little extra salt and a little extra time.

Take your steak, and fully coat it with salt.


Wrap it up tight, and let it sit in the fridge for about 4 hours. It’ll be wet when you take it out.


Take it out, scrape all the salt off, add plenty of pepper, and we’re ready to go. There’s no need to add extra salt after rinsing off the salt coating. If you do this on the grill be careful and watch for flare-ups, as the salt pulls some of the fatty moisture to the surface; I usually do this in a cast iron pan (born of necessity – I prefer to grill but living in New York City is a bit prohibitive space-wise on that front sometimes). Get it going on high heat, and then cook your steak like you normally would. The result will be a beautiful thin crust made from salty meat juices on the exterior of your steak, and beautiful moist meat in the center.



Paul Harrison is a NYC-based recipe developer and professional whiskey drinker. He writes for Food Republic, and keeps some of his other recipes and ideas relating to food here.

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